The Paramental Appreciation Society

Photograph by Tracy Ingle.

Formed in October 2005, San Francisco's Paramental Appreciation Society is comprised of Loren Rhoads, Lilah Wild, Claudius Reich, and Seth Lindberg.

The Paramental Appreciation Society's self-titled chapbook collects four previously unpublished dark urban fantasies set in San Francisco, lushly illustrated with Lily Beacon's black-and-white photographs. Vampires stroll Golden Gate Park. Dragons prowl Nob Hill. Witches craft curses and love potions in the Tenderloin. And what's really chasing BART? Join us for an ad hoc tour of San Francisco's odd and unnatural corners.

The Paramental Appreciation Society chapbook is available from Borderlands Books ( or Horror Mall ( or by mail order from Automatism Press via PayPal button below.

Excerpts from the chapbook

"If I got to the dragon first, then I might be able to solve this quickly. I had no real way of doing that, though. It's not like they have some 1-800 number. I could wander the streets looking for kids who called the place 'Frisco' or some other name a visitor gives the city. Someone who seemed awful fond of lighter tricks, cigarettes, or anything else that burned. But the whole premise seemed kind of weak, more of a joke, really. I could also go randomly asking people on the street, 'Hey, are you a dragon in disguise? You sure?' It'd probably get me just as far." — "Ascalon" by Seth Lindberg

"Stairsitters: Found on San Francisco's scenic stairway walks. Visitors will notice little people who appear to be conversing, admiring the view, or having tea parties upon a step. Perspective may trick the eye into thinking them ordinary tourists, though located in the distance. They are described as miniature and fully humanoid, dressed in formal Edwardian apparel. The few close-up sightings mention charred bustles, singed top hats, and other indicia of the Great Quake. Their pouty lips appear to hide disproportionately large teeth. They always vanish before contact. It is said that the dregs of their abandoned teacups bring visions, albeit with an unknown degree of accuracy. The tiny crustless sandwiches are highly poisonous, however, induce the green froth, and their consumption is discouraged. Sightings have decreased markedly as the City's wooden steps have been replaced by concrete." — "fragments of a Barbary Coast" by Claudius Reich

"She loved San Francisco. She wanted to stay. How could she bring herself to drink blood? If attaining immortality meant buying something regularly in a shop, she might come to enjoy that sort of interaction with strangers. If she might cheat death behind the privacy of a locked door, she would consider doing any number of unsavory things. But to purchase life through so intimate a transaction: not only to solicit strangers, but to touch them, taste them, drink their blood... She shuddered, repulsed on a level beyond the grasp of words." — "The Shattered Rose" by Loren Rhoads

"None of the other girls had ever been much more than set dressing, the bait of naked skin like a Playboy Mansion promise beneath their ceremonial velvets. But still. There was magick here, no doubt. She'd been with him long enough to know, had risen up from the mass of writhing bodies on the ritual chamber floor, and gained his eye and a place in his luxuriant bed. She was top girl now. His favorite." — "The Neon Coffin" by Lilah Wild

$5.00 with postage in the U.S. Contact us for international orders. 56 page chapbook. 5.5" x 8.5" saddle-stitched paperback.

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Seth Lindberg edited fiction at Gothic.Net and did a short stint at He has a story in the book Jigsaw Nation and has been published in The Darker Side: Generations of Horror, the Brainbox anthologies, and more.
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Claudius Reich is an aging Bohemian who lives in San Francisco. He is a demi-professional writer of essays, horror, poetry, porn, etc. (Essentially, anything he can get away with.) Some of his stranger essays have been published by Automatism Press in the books Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect and Death's Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries and in the odd numbered issues of Morbid Curiosity. He spends unseemly amounts of time staring at the computer screen and is on nodding terms with the house spirits.

For ten years, Loren Rhoads was the editor of the cult nonfiction magazine Morbid Curiosity. Her fiction has appeared in Cemetery Dance, City Slab, and in the solo chapbook Ashes & Rust. Other stories about Alondra DeCourval appear in the book Sins of the Sirens and in Not One of Us #38.
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A graduate of Clarion West 2007, Lilah Wild runs the underground fashion blog and has authored an online grimoire at Her nonfiction writings appeared in Morbid Curiosity. A dark architectural photographer, necromantik fashionista, avid inkdrinker, and 80s metal aficionado, she lives in San Francisco with her partner in crime and two lucky black cats.
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