Charnel Music

Charnel Music was a record label devoted to releasing unusual music ranging from sheer noise assault to rhythmic and psychedelic musics. Our releases included CDs from Crash Worship, Mainliner, Trance, and Gravitar. In addition to the releases on Charnel Music itself, we had the Circular Reasoning division, for somewhat more accessible music that included Japan's Angel'in Heavy Syrup and San Francisco's Tel Basta.

The label is currently on indefinite hiatus. No plans are being made for new releases, though we have learned to never say never. If you're in a band, please don't contact us right now. If the label activates again for new releases, we'll update this site.

The releases:

Compact Discs

CHCD-1 Various Artists
CHCD-2 Trance
CHCD-3 Crash Worship
CHCD-4 Various Artists
Dead Tech 3
CHCD-5 P.Children
CHCD-6 Null/O'Rourke
New Kind of Water
CHCD-7 Various Artists
Arrhythmia II
CHCD-8 Flying Testicle
Space Desia
CHCD-9 Various Artists
Land of the Rising Noise
CHCD-10 Crash Worship
Triplemania II
CHCD-11 Gravitar
Chinga su Corazon
CHCD-12 Ruins-Hatoba
CHCD-13 Hybryds
The Rhythm of the Ritual
CHCD-14 Torture Chorus
In the Land of Lullabye
CHCD-15 Allegory Chapel Ltd.
When Angels Fall
CHCD-16 Trance
CHCD-17 Gravitar
CHCD-18 Aube+Cock E.S.P.
CHCD-19 Mainliner
Mellow Out
CHCD-20 Various Artists
Arrhythmia III
CHCD-21 C.O.T.A.
CHCD-22 SubArachnoid Space
Delicate Membrane
CHCD-23 Various Artists
Land of the Rising Noise, Vol. 2
CHCD-24 Gravitar
Now the Road of Knives
CHCD-25 Mainliner
Mainliner Sonic
CHCD-26 Kadura
From the depths of the other space
CHCD-27 Walking Timebombs
Walking Timebombs
CHCD-28 Onna-Kodomo
CHCD-29 Vas Deferens Organization
Sweat Your Cheeses, But Not in My Salad
CHCD-30 Fushitsusha
Gold Blood
CHCD-31 Mason Jones
International Incident
CHCD-32 Pain Teens
CHCD-33 Various Artists
Land of the Rising Noise, Vol. 3
REASON-1 Angel'in Heavy Syrup
REASON-2 Tel Basta
REASON-3 The Gay Barbarians
Bohemian Special


CHS-1 Hijokaidan etc
Live at the Starlight
CHS-2 Trance
Guitar Noise
CHS-3 Crash Worship
CHS-4 Gravitar
Evil Monkey Boy
CHS-5 Melt-Banana
CHS-6 SubArachnoid Space
Char-Broiled Wonderland

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