Collaborations are a way of exploring new areas of music and expanding horizons. Mason has taken part in a large number of collaborations, both in a live setting and as studio adventures.


Flue Beyond the Edge of Nowhere (Diophantine Discs, 2007)

Flue is a mysterious project with Mason (guitar, synth), Jason Stein (bass), and Chris Miller (guitar). This CD includes recording sessions with special guest Geoff Walker (ex-Gravitar), and consists of eerie, atmospheric music that drifts on string-laden experimentation. It's unlike most experimental-ambient works due to the emphasis on guitars and bass, but that doesn't mean those instruments are always easily identifiable...

Culper Ring 355 (Neurot Recordings, 2003)

Culper Ring was Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Kris Force (Amber Asylum), and Mason Jones. This album was recorded over a period of more than five years, done just for the hell of it. The results combine the earliest drone experiments with later quieter guitar work and even some vocals to create a very psychedelic, atmospheric work.

Glacier Glacier (self-released, 2000)

Glacier is a project of Daniel James (Tel Basta), adding a touch of heaviness to a gothic rock feel. Other players included Kris Force and Myles Boisen. Mason played guitar on the album.

Flue once upon a time in a quazar (Obuh Records, 1999)

Flue is a mysterious project with Mason (guitar), Jason Stein (bass), and Chris Miller (guitar). Other guests have also participated in recording sessions.

Mason Jones International Incident (Charnel Music, 1998)

This album combined recordings from two separate tours of Japan in which Mason performed with various friends. The tracks include noisy outbursts with KK Null, Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan), and Akifumi Nakajima (Aube), a psych-noise jam with members of Acid Mothers Temple, and even a duo with Yamamoto Seiichi (Boredoms) on guitar for which Mason played drums.

Chaos of the Night (Endorphine Factory, 1995)

In 1994 a radio session was put together, a massive noise jam led by Mayuko Hino of C.C.C.C. (playing a metal sheet). Also participating were Monte Cazazza (bass), Elden M. (of Allegory Chapel, sampler), and Mason Jones (guitar). The results included a huge eruption of noise, a burst bass cabinet speaker, and this CD.

Torture Chorus In the Land of Lullabye (Vanilla Records/Charnel Music, 1994)

In 1992 Torture Chorus was put together to assault Japan with a tour of extremely weird performances. Performer/animator Stephen Holman, performer Clam Lynch, sampler player Elden M. and guitarist Mason Jones assembled a collection of bizarre cartoonish pieces and toured Japan thanks to assistance from Alchemy Records. Some of the live recordings were collected, together with a few studio recordings, and this CD was released.

  Survival Research Laboratories Illusions of Shameless Abundance (Charnel Music, 1990)

In 1989, SRL performed in San Francisco beneath the Bay Bridge approach. The soundtrack for the performance was done using a collection of tape loops and shotgun microphones, mixed by Mason Jones and Rick Rees. This cassette release contained the audio results of the performance. Side note: towards the end of the performance one of the tape decks stopped working. Afterwards it was discovered that the heat from a nearby pile of burning pianos was sufficient to melt the back of the deck.

Some other collaborations and remixes (an incomplete list):

Remix of Aarktica's "In Sea" released on In Sea Remixes CD (2010). Available on Bandcamp.

Contributed noise guitar works included on a number of releases by Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and At Jennie Richie.

Played guitar on two projects released by La Musica Records, Tokyo. Under the names Mystic Sensorium and Ohkami no Jikan, recorded live at Club Cocodrie in San Francisco and on KFJC radio in July of 1999. Lineup was Mason Jones: guitar, Nanjo Asahito: guitar, Koji Shimura: bass, Chris Van Huffle: drums. These were later released in various forms on CDR.

Contributed guitar recordings used as elements for the Spirits Burning New Worlds By Design album (Gazul/Musea Records, 1999)