As a solo artist, Mason Jones has released a series of albums with an emphasis on experimental guitar. These have included ambient forays as well as works that combine distorted out-rock and classical-style playing with textural sounds. Most recently some more psych-pop-inspired songs have started appearing as well.


Dimly Recalled (Foxglove, 2006)

Recordings from two live shows in Davis, CA earlier in 2006 opening for Poland's Magic Carpathians. The first was played in an underground bomb shelter (!), the second at the cozy Delta of Venus cafe. Released in December 2006.

Quiet Sparks (Cafe Independants, 2005)

Released by the Kyoto-based Cafe Independants label to correspond with a short tour of Japan in the fall of 2005. Most of this album is a recording of a live show at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, which came out surprisingly clearly. The set was swirly and rather psychedelic solo guitar, with some rhythmic components and twiddly moments thrown in as well. Two studio constructions fill out the album. Note the fantastic cover painting by label head Jiro Fukunishi.

Listen to "Behavioral Study"
Listen to "They're Everywhere"

The Crystalline World of Memory (Public Eyesore, 2002)

This collection of guitar works spans a range from totally outer-space ambient sound effects to fuzzed-out psych assaults. Everything was recorded live with a stereo mic direct to DAT, then edited, overlaid and reconstructed in the studio.

Listen to "The Crystal View"
Listen to "What If..."

[ cover photo by R. Samuel Klatchko ]

Midnight in the Twilight Factory (Monotremata Records, 1999)

The four long tracks that make up this album include two studio pieces and two live pieces. The studio tracks were recorded direct to DAT with no editing. One of the live tracks was recorded at the Monterey Rock & Pop Festival in 1997, with Jason Stein on bass. The other was recorded at the Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco in 1998 with Bill Horist on guitar and Kevin Goldsmith on electric cello.

[ cover photo by Loren Rhoads ]

Compilation Appearances:
"If Seeing is Believing, What Do Your Ears Tell You?" :: Locked Grooves 2x7" :: Little Mafia, 2004

"Killed with a Smile" :: grain CD :: DotDotDot, 2003 :: as Asciian

"Can't You See" :: Hand/Eye 2CD :: Hand/Eye, 2002

"Tokyo Sundown" :: Deprogramming Music, Vol 1 CD :: Sacred, 2001

"Neon Approach" :: Nice Pooper CDR :: with Nice Pooper zine, 2000

"Dancing on a Slender Wire" :: Moonlanding 7" :: Helicopter Records, 1999? :: ltd 350 copies

"Stone Clouds" :: Guitar Untouchable CD :: Alchemy Records, Japan, 1997

"Carnival of Voles" :: Japanese/American Noise Treaty 2CD :: Release/Relapse Records, 1995 :: as The White Rose