As a writer, Mason Jones has produced both fiction and non-fiction works. His fiction has appeared in small-press magazines such as Enterruption, while his non-fiction has ranged from social commentary to a great deal of writing about music. He published four issues of the annual journal Ongaku Otaku, dedicated to exploring the Japanese independent music scene, and has contributed reviews and interviews to magazines and web sites including File 13, You Could Do Worse, Industrial Nation, Browbeat, and Ptolemaic Terrascope. At present he reviews music for Dusted Magazine online. He used to maintain OngakuBlog, devoted to independent Japanese releases, which is still available as an archive.

The book Japan Edge, published by Cadence/Viz Communications in 2000, includes a large section about Japanese noise written by Mason. [Amazon link]

Other publications have included contributions to Morbid Curiosity magazine; Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect, a book of essays and fiction; and more.