Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect

A collection of essays, fiction and artwork by a variety of writers addressing the state of things as we reach the end of the 20th Century.
We are living in science fiction. The times are moving faster than we can possibly absorb. - Don Bajema, "A Nation of Cowards"
This provocative collection of essays, short ficton, and artwork by both Americans and Canadians confronts the issues facing North American at the end of the 20th century. From Martha Allard bringing Christmas to a crack house to Jello Biafra's solution to deforestation and pollution; from Mark Lo's meditation on ethnic identity to Deborah Jaffe's fantasy of domination and control; from homophobia to drive-by shootings to the human need to form tribes: these authors demand freedom of thought, freedom to speak, and freedom to choose their own identities.
Martha Allard * Don Bajema * Jello Biafra * blackhumour * Elizabeth Borowski
Mark Bowers * Sean Carruthers * Shaun Case * Nygel Wesley Daggers * Wendy Dutton
Benjamin Hagen * Gregor Hartmann * Stephen Holman * Christine Hurt * Deborah Jaffe
Mason Jones * Crad Kilodney * Dan Kletter * Mark Lo * j.d. martin * Claudius Reich
Loren Rhoads * Kevin Russell * Susan Sanford * William R. Stephens * Brian Thomas

Edited by Loren Rhoads & Mason Jones
Paperback, available for $5 with postage in the U.S. Contact us for international orders.

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